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The Annandale Ranch is a 14,000 acre Hill Country livestock ranch located on the Frio River in the northeast quadrant of present-day Uvalde County. Today the ranch operates as a cattle operation, also generating income through hunting leases and specialized eco-tourism opportunities which offer limited public access to parts of the property for birding and bat viewing.

Although it lies in close proximity to the southern edge of the Edwards Plateau, the Annandale Ranch is considered by all who know it to be part of the Texas Hill Country. The ruggedness of the Hill Country is attributable to the Balcones Escarpment, the topographic expression of the Balcones Fault. The ranch is situated along the southwestern edge of this escarpment as it traverses Uvalde County south of the town of Concan. The scenic setting there is representative of the transition from the Edwards Plateau to the South Texas Plains; gently to steeply undulating plateau-like uplands and stream dissected hills constitute the majority of the property which then gives way to scrublands and flat alluvial plains in the southwest. In accordance with this division, the highest elevation occurs in the northwestern portion of the property, with lowest elevations in the southeast along the Frio River.

The Frio River, which rises from the juncture of the East, West, and Dry Frio rivers, flows southeast across central Uvalde County and for 200 miles to its mouth on the Nueces River. After passing through Concan, it cuts into the ranch in the northeast quadrant and winds southwestward across the ranch, currently providing over four miles of double-sided frontage and two miles of single sided frontage.
In addition, the entire property lies over the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer, a large porous limestone aquifer which spans several counties and currently supplies ninety percent of San Antonio’s water supply . Natural discharge from the aquifer occurs along more than twenty miles of intermittent springs on the ranch when hydraulic pressure is sufficient to force water up through faults to the surface. The recharge zone at the Annandale is part of the Frio-Sabinal River Basin, a sub-basin of the Nueces River catchment basin. This basin is considered to contribute a greater volume of water to the Edwards Aquifer than any other river basin.


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